Rising Fives

The aim of the Rising Fives sessions are to prepare the children for the transition to school. The children start this session the term after Easter before they start school in September. The day starts off with a morning pre-school session from 9 am to 12 pm and then Rising Fives from 1 pm to 2.30 pm. This is a great opportunity for the children to get used to being at school all day in the F1 class.

We like the children to bring in their own packed lunches to the sessions. This can include a Sandwich or roll, yogurt, fruit a drink but no chocolate, this also develops their independence skills as we encourage them to open their own packaging.

We focus on various subjects such as road safety, counting, numbers, colour and name recognition, pattern making and develop fine motor skills by using scissors and tape dispenser. We also develop the children's communication , language and literacy skills by having circle time, beginning to write their name and look into using jolly phonics (the book and CD are available from Waterstones in Witney)

We also like to start P.E. within the session, so parents/carers are required to bring in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts in a named bag. To further develop the Childs independence skills we encourage them to dress/undress into their P.E. kits themselves and to put their clothes on a chair. All areas of the curriculum will still be implemented at your Childs level by learning through play.

Another innovative resource for the children is the manipulative box, this is for pre-school children to be able to do when they start school. There are socks to match up, buttons to do up, a lock and a key, a pencil sharpener, gloves to put on and shoes that need lacing up. It's all about getting them ready for school and promoting their independence.

During the last term (term 6) we make visits to the F1 class at Ducklington Primary School, this is a great opportunity for the children to see and get used to the school environment.

To find out when the Rising Fives sessions start for the current year please see the Term Dates & Events Page